RNA NGS Library construction

ArcherDX FusionPlex is a targeted next-generation sequencing (NGS) research product that powered by Anchored Multiplex PCR (AMP™)  target enrichment chemistry to detect fusions in a single sequencing product, even without prior knowledge of fusion partners or breakpoints. (RUO product)

Find More Unknown Fusions

Compared with traditional NGS sequencing methods, FusionPlex™ can detect more novel fusions. Taking the NTRK gene fusion as an example, traditional NGS mutations can only detect known mutational breakpoints. Archer AMP technology can detect all known and unknown NTRK gene fusions, which is the method with the highest detection rate. The lyophilized reagent can greatly reduce the human error, and make clinicians identify more variants that related with cancer-target therapy.

Comprehensive Fusion Detection

AMP chemistry utilizes open-ended targeted amplification to identify gene fusions whether or not the fusion partner is known.

Splice Variants

Detect cancer-associated isoforms and alternative splicing events.

Low Input

Purpose-built for wide sample type compatibility, including low-input and degraded samples such as FFPE tissue.

Customized Design

Customize this panel by adding any of our functionally-tested designs. Invitae’s Assay Marketplace lets you browse our catalog of targeted AMP chemistry-based panels, modify an existing panel with additional targets, or create a new panel that fits your exact requirements.

FusionPlex Solid Tumor Panels

FusionPlex Panelinput定序資料量分析基因總數
Oncology ResearchRNA3M75
Solid TumorRNA3M53
Thyroid and LungRNA1.5M36

FusionPlex Blood cancer Panels

FusionPlex Panelinput定序資料量分析基因總數
ALLRNA 1.5 M81
Heme v2RNA1.5 M87
LymphomaRNA2 M125
MyeloidRNA1.5 M84
Pan-HemeRNA4.5 M199

FusionPlex-Simple, Lyophilized Workflow

  • Lyophilized reagents reduces the manual operation time of NGS library to 2.5 hours
  • The procedure is simpler and faster than other NGS library construction, and it is ready for sequencing within 9 hours
  • FusionPlex technology is suitable for Illumina and Ion Torrent sequencing platforms
  • Built for wide sample types such as frozen tissue and FFPE samples


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  2. ArcherDX-伴隨式癌症NGS檢測新利器

  3.  PCM液態活檢技術-搶在癌症復發前進行精準治療


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