Precision Medicine in Oncology

Feng Chi Biotech is the distributor of various genetic testing technologies and products, and is the general agency of Agena MassARRAY and Invitae Archer AMP technology in Taiwan. Feng Chi Biotech also offers the diagnostic quality controls from SeraCare, and the clinical report system from Molecular Health. The FCB professional team assists customers to construct the LDTS diagnostic items of genetic testing, and provides after-sales service.

MassARRAY System

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Invitae AMP technology

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Molecular Health

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MassARRAY System

Agena MassARRAY® System allows labs to focus on a select set of gene regions that have known or emerging associations with disease, simplifying the genetic testing process. Placed at the center of your molecular workflow, the MassARRAY System can help you optimize throughput, multiplexing capacity, and data analysis. As your testing needs evolve, you’ll be empowered to adapt more quickly, which ultimately leads to faster decisions and greater productivity.

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Invitae ArcherDX chemistry

ArcherDX develops multiple precision cancer assays to address the detection limitations of cancer medication. Using advanced AMP NGS technology, it can accurately quantify and detect unknown fusion mutations. The design of lyophilized reagents greatly simplifies the operation steps. The powerful NGS analysis software and user-friendly operation interface, which offers accurate oncology reports in a short time.

The Invitae ArcherDX offers several RUO products for clinical oncology research:

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Molecular Health MH Guide

Molecular Health develops various clinical data annotation systems, including the Cancer Medical Annotation system-MH Guide software.

MH Guide is an analytical software that supports molecular pathologists and oncologists in the interpretation of large clinical NGS test data. With ArcherDX various cancer detection panels, MH Guide can integrate complex gene mutation data (such as: gene fusion mutations), automatically filters the important mutations that are clinical related, and convert this information into clear and easy-to-read medication report for clinical staff.

Here’s what we can review from the report:

  • What kind of targeted drugs or immunotherapies are available?
  • Which therapies have side effect risks?
  • Are patients eligible to participate in any ongoing clinical trials?

MH Guide can customize the reports for different needs, and use the powerful AI database: “Dataome” to continuously collect the latest clinical information and convert it into clinical reports.

This makes the MH Guide a smart decision aid for precision medicine.

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SeraCare reference controls for Oncology

All SeraCare facilities are ISO 13485-certified and comply with cGMP regulations. As a developer and manufacturer of quality control products, SeraCare provide many kinds of reference materials, including DNA, RNA, FFPE, ctDNA. You can choose any kinds of mutation types, such as: Fusions, SNVs, CNVs, TMD, MRD…etc. SeraCare commits to meet or exceed our customers’ needs and expectations, maintain an effective quality management system, and meet regulatory requirements for the products and services we provide.

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