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Feng Chi Biotech Corporation is the exclusive distribution of Agena MassARRAY products in Taiwan. We sell the reagents and instruments of the MassARRAY system, and we provides good after-sales service, such as customer product training and instrument maintenance. Our professional services team can help the customers to built up the protocol of MassARRAY.


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ArcherDX NGS Library Kit

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MassARRAY System

Agena Multifunctional MassARRAY system is the MALDI-TOF MS technology for high-throughput nucleic acid detection. Quantitative and qualitative research on the genome, this platform provides unparalleled sensitivity and specificity for nucleic acid research. It is a high-throughput system that can perform high-efficiency and automated genetic screening, and also meets the needs of large-scale screening.

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ArcherDX Chemistry

ArcherDX has developed a number of cancer precision medical tests to address the limitations of cancer detection. Using advanced AMP (Anchored Multiplex PCR) technology, it can accurately quantify and detect unknown fusion mutations. The design of the freeze-dried reagent greatly simplifies the operation steps. ArcherDX has a powerful NGS analysis software and a user-friendly operation interface, that can do the cancer reports in a short time.

The current ArcherDX RUO product portfolio includes:


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