Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing

VerifiTM Penatal Testing

VerifiTM Prenatal Testing

The VerifiTM Prenatal Test safely and noninvasively screens for the most common chromosomal aneuploidies as early as 10 weeks gestation using a single maternal blood draw, offering the lowest test failure rate in the industry. The Verifi Prenatal Test uses sequencing technology to provide accurate information for pregnant women regardless of age or risk.

Total Cases 86,000
Average Turnaround Time 3.3 business days
Technical Cancellations 0.1 %
Aneuploidy Detected 2.2 %
Observed False Positives 0.12 %
Observed False Negatives 0.02 %

Why choose the VerifiTM Test?

  • Comprehensive portfolio with expanded panel available
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Lowest published failure rate in the industry, 0.1%
  • Proven superiority to traditional screening methods for the screening of common fetal aneuploidies, with reduced false positive rates (increased specificity) and increased positive predictive values (PPV)

Standard VerifiTM Test

Trisomy 21 Down syndrome
Trisomy 18 Edwards syndrome
Trisomy 13 Patau syndrome
Monosomy X(X0) MX/Turner syndrome
XXY Klinefelter syndrome
XXX Triple X
XYY Jacob’s syndrome
 Microdeletion Disease
1p36 1p36 deletion syndrome
4p Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome
5p Cri du chat syndrome,
15q11.2(pat) Prader-Willi syndrome
15q11.2(mat) Angelman syndrome
22q11.2 DiGeorge syndrome

VerifiTM Plus  1

Standard VerifiTM + all chromosome

VerifiTM Plus 2

Standard VerifiTM + microdeletion

VerifiTM Plus 3

Standard VerifiTM + all chromosome + microdeletion

How the Process Works

  1. Physician recommends and orders test for patient.
  2. Requisition and Informed Consent forms are completed, patient proceeds to blood draw.
  3. Blood sample and test request form are sent back to lab.
  4. Lab processes and analyzes the sample.
  5. Test results are sent to health care professional.