Revvity Maternal Health

Revvity Maternal Health

1st trimester & 2nd trimester prenatal Testing

Nowadays, women give birth to babies at an elder age and their relative risks of pregnancy are also increasing with age. Revvity offers a range of serum biochemical agents that allow pregnant women and aborted fetuses to have a full-blown pregnancy screening, including the first and second trimester sieves and sub-epilepsy screening reagents to ensure the health of mothers and fetuses.

Detection Reagents

  • AutoDELFIA®immunoassay system for prenatal screening
  • AutoDELFIA® PPAP-A Kit
  • AutoDELFIA® PlGF Kit
  • AutoDELFIA® hAFP/Free hCGß Dual Kit
  • AutoDELFIA® free hCGß Kit

DELFIA Xpress Detection Kits

  • 6001-0010 hAFP
  • 6002-0010 Free βhCG
  • 6003-0020 PAPPA-A
  • 6004-0010 βhCG
  • 6007-0010 PlGF
  • 6005-0010 uE3