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Agena MassARRAY Genotyping

Feng Chi Biotech is a service provider certified by Agena Bioscience, and provides SNP genotyping, DNA methylation, and somatic mutation analysis.

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Invitae-ArcherDX NGS for Oncology

Invitae-ArcherDX provide NGS technology for oncology. Join the discussion. Stay up to date on the most important issues in genetics today.

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MH Guide Precision Medicine Report

Molecular Health can convert complex NGS test data into clear and easy-to-read clinical drug information, including: clinically relevant molecular test results, drug safety, available clinical trials, etc., to provide you with the best quality Precision Medicine Report.

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Interscience solutions for microbiology

Interscience provides a variety of microbial testing related instruments, allowing food factories/pharmaceutical factories complete daily QC operations, such as: sample homogenizer, culture solution dilution, sub-packaging, automatic dilution of bacterial solution, colony counting, etc.

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