KaibiliaTM Influenza Virus Rapid Screening Reagent

The detection can be done in 15 mins by collecting throat or nasal mucosa sample. The antibody of influenza A virus nuclear protein and monoclonal antibody of influenza B virus nuclear protein will bind specific influenza virus and illustrate by immunochromatography. If either influenza A or B is detected, the red line will be seen easily.

There are three areas on the screening cassette, containing sample area, reagent area and extension area. After the sample is dropping on the sample area, the solution will reach extension area by capillary phenomenon.

Reagent Format (per box)

  1. Detection cassette x 20
  2. Sterile cotton swab x 20
  3. Dropper x 21
  4. Sample extraction buffer x 2 (11ml/bottle)
  5. Extraction tube x 20
  6. Tube holder x 1

Steps procedure

  1. Add 0.5 ml extraction buffer into extraction tube.
  2. Sterile cotton swab is used to collect throat or nasal mucosa sample.
  3. Stir the cotton swab in the extraction buffer.
  4. Squeeze the cotton swab along the wall of extraction tube.
  5. Put on the dropper.
  6. Put three drips on the sample area.
  7. The detection data can be seen after 15 mins.