iPLEX Gold SNP Genotyping

This analysis includes three steps: MultiPlex PCR amplification, Single nucleotide extension, Mass detection. It can detect SNP, CNV, InDel or different types of gene variation.

  1. PCR amplification:First, we will design a pair of specific PCR primers that can amplify about 100 bp amplicon including the target SNP site.
  2. Single nucleotide extension:Then the extension primer will anneal to the front of the target SNP site, and performing the single base extension reaction.
  3. Mass detection:In the last step, the product will be desalted using clean resin and then transferred to the SpectroCHIP, where they crystalize with a pre-spotted MALDI matrix, and then analyzed by MALDI-TOF. The results are displayed automatically using Typer software. Base on each nucleotide has different molecular weights. The software will display the accurate and sensitive data of genotyping program.

The Strengths of iPLEX Gold SNP Genotyping

iPLEX Gold SNP Genotyping enables high throughput and high efficiency data analysis. Up to 40 different SNPs can be designed in a single reaction well, so it can decrease the sample input. The protein labels or fluorescent labels are not needed in the iPLEX genotyping process, so the cost is very cheap and the design is very flexible. We can offer hundreds of SNP experiment by Assay designer. It is the most important genotyping validation tool of the medical transcription research.

iPLEX Gold reaction is performed in the 384 well plate, and the products will transfer to a SpectroCHIP which contains 384 reactions through the nanodispenser then following the MALDI-TOF analysis process. It is suitable to validate ten to ten thousands of samples and ten to thousands of SNPs after doing the microarray or genome wide study.


  • MALDI-TOF technology offers high accuracy and high sensitivity performance
  • Up to 40 SNPs in a single reaction
  • Only 10 ng DNA input per well
  • Flexible and efficient assay design
  • Cost-effective and high sample throughput
  • No labeling

Commercial Service Workflow

  1. Prepare the SNP rs No. list or sequence list.
  2. We will do the primer design.
  3. Prepare the samples and sample list as the following format.
  4. Get your report.

Commercial Service Sample Requirment

  • The genomic DNA samples should be loaded in the 96 well plate.
  • At least 96 reactions are needed (reaction No. = sample No.* designed well No.).
  • The OD 260/280 ratio of genomic DNA samples should be around 1.7-2.0.
  • At least 10 ng/µl and (10 µl+5µL × Well No.) volume of DNA (per sample) is needed.

ADME PGx Panel for Drug Metabolism

ADME panel detects greater than 99% of assays in Pharma ADME core list. ADME panel detects 192 haplotypes related to 36 key genes that are known to influence drug metabolisms.

Samples prepared for ADME analysis

  • The genomic DNA samples should be loaded in the 96 well plate.
  • At least 12 samples are needed.
  • The OD 260/280 ratio of genomic DNA samples should be around 1.7-2.0.
  • At least 10 ng/µl and 100 ng of DNA (per sample) is needed.

Gene list

 Hemo ID BGG Panel for Blood Type Genotyping

RhD/C/E、Kidd、Kell、Duffy、MNS、Vw、Hut、IVS5/P2、Lu、Au、Di、Wr、Yt、Co、Kn、McC、Sla/Vil、Do、Hy、 Jo、LW、Sc、Cr、Tc、In、Vel、HPA、HNA

The panel can detect 16 types of RBC system, HPA and HNA genotyping includes SNP, CNV variation.

G6PD Mutation Hotspot Genotyping

It can detect common mutation hotspots of G6PD in Taiwan.

Mutation Hotspots for Thalassemias

The panel can detect the genotype of common mutation hotspots and deletion for α & β Thalassemias in Taiwan.

Chemotherapy response genotyping analysis

Analyze the chemotherapy response genotype of fluorouracil and oxaliplatin.

Hereditary hearing loss genotype analysis

Analyze hereditary hearing loss related genotype.

Exome ID Panel for Sample Quality Control

42 high variation Exome SNP Marker and 3 sex markers are used for sample labeling. Then, amplify 100-500 bp amplicon by PCR for DNA sample quantification and quality analysis of the fragmentation degree of the sample.

Download Datasheet:

Agena SNP Flyer
ADME Panel Flyer
Agena Sample Report
Agena SNP Genotyping for Agriculture & Fishing Industry