Targeting Sequencing

Targeting Sequencing technology can focus on the target region and provide high resolution and high quality sequencing data. The sequence data can be used for discovering novel unknown mutants or confirming the mutant data, and can also show the mutation rate through sequence reads analysis. The last but not least, NGS can also analyze the copy number variation. The appropriate number of target region is around ten to hundreds of target sequences analysis.

Targeting Sequencing Principles

We will take different selection strategy and technology such as Probe Capture, long range PCR, short range PCR to design the experimental process based on the sample quality and target length. Then add the index through ligation or tranposase to set up the DNA library and perform the NGS sequencing.

Customized Target Sequencing Service

We take various strategy to design the customized panel with different gene numbers and offer the high efficiency and high accuracy sequence data. We can also design the cancer related hotspot panel and perform deep sequencing to detect the low frequency mutation.

Service Workflow

  1. Assay design and discussion
  2. Prepare the DNA sample
  3. Data analyze and display the report

The DNA sample quality and input should fit the following requests

  1. The ratio of OD 260/280 ratio should between 1.8 to 2.
  2. The concentration of DNA should be 20 ng/ul and the total volume should be more than 20 ul.

Inherited disease gene profiling

You can pick inherited disease related genes for us to develop a customized, high efficiency screening panel.

Well-designed panels

  • neonatal inherited disease (100 genes) panel
  • DMD deletion panel
  • cardiovascular disease panel
  • Congenital central hypoventilation syndrome panel
  • Osteogenesis Imperfecta Panel

Mito Genome Sequencing

We can help you find out the mutant and deficiency of mitochondria through doing the human mitochondria whole genome sequence.

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