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SNP Genotyping Analysis

iPLEX Gold SNP Genotyping This analysis includes three steps: MultiPlex PCR amplification, Single nucleotide extension, Mass detection. It can detect SNP, CNV, InDel or different types of gene variation. PCR amplification:First, we will design a pair of specific PCR primers that can amplify about 100 bp amplicon including the [...]

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NGS Service

NGS service We offer several sequencing service and provide high quality, low error rate and high throughput data through the Illumina NGS system. NGS service principles The experiment will begin with the fragmentation of the target sequence, and ligate with the sequencing index to set up [...]

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Targeting Sequencing

Targeting Sequencing Targeting Sequencing technology can focus on the target region and provide high resolution and high quality sequencing data. The sequence data can be used for discovering novel unknown mutants or confirming the mutant data, and can also show the mutation rate through sequence reads analysis. The last but [...]

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Metagenomics Analysis

Metagenomics Through sequencing the 16S rRNA variable region, we can analyze the bacterial flora rapidly and precisely. The sample can be clinical tissue, soil or food.We offer the total solution of service workflow from the DNA extraction to data analysis. You can get a complete report for the metagenomics research. [...]

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Somatic Mutation Analysis

Somatic Mutation Analysis There are three kinds of service as the following description. The first one is the standard iPLEX pro analysis. We can develop a new customized panel called “MyCancer Panel” that including all the assays hotspot which customer is interested in, and offer a final data report with [...]

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DNA Methylation Analysis

EpiTYPER DNA Methylation analysis There are four steps in the EpiTYPER DNA Methylation analysis, including bisulfite conversion, PCR, MassCLEAVE (T7-IVT and Base-specific RNA cleavage) and Mass detection. The unmethylated cytosines in the DNA sequence are converted to uridines after the bisulfite treatment.  Then T7 RNA polymerase will bind [...]

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MassARRAY Service

MassARRAY System MassARRAY System is the leading technology that can analyse the nucleotide by MALDI-TOF. The applications include SNP analysis, DNA methylation analysis, gene expression quantification, sequence alignment and so on. Base on the high accuracy data and high efficiency turnaround time, it is the best choice of high sample [...]

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Microbiological Testing-EnWave Portable Raman Spectrometers

EnWave Portable Raman Spectrometers The EZRaman-I Series are high-sensitivity field portable Raman instruments suitable for laboratory and/or field analysis. The EZRaman-I instrument features a high sensitivity spectrograph with CCD cooled to -50ºC, and a high throughput laboratory fiber optics probe. The available laser excitation wavelengths are: 532nm,785nm, and NIR. They [...]

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Microbiological Testing-DiaSorin (Focus Diagnostics)

Focus Diagnostics Reagent Focus Diagnostics provide several pathogen testing reagent kits. HSV-1、HSV2、Dengue、Hantavirus、Histoplasma、Parvovirus B19、West Nile Virus、Arbovirus、 Q Fever、Bartonella、Chlamydia、Epstein-Barr Virus、Leptospirosis、Rickettsia、Anaplasma HerpeSelect DxSelect™ ELISA Test Kits DxSelect™ IFA Test Kits Conjugates Substrate Slides Sample Diluents [...]

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