Somatic Mutation Analysis

There are three kinds of service as the following description.

  • The first one is the standard iPLEX pro analysis. We can develop a new customized panel called “MyCancer Panel” that including all the assays hotspot which customer is interested in, and offer a final data report with 5-10% analytical sensitivity.
  • The second one is the high sensitivity SABER (single base extension chemistry) analysis. The data report can successfully analyze as low as 0.1% frequency of mutation rate. We can develop a new customized panel or the UltraSEEK panel designed by Agena.
  • The third one is the well-designed panel and some kits that offered by Agena.

MyCancer Panel order custom assays specific to your needs

You can choose your mutation hotspots as your own “MyCancer Panel”. We can design any kinds of mutations such as point mutation, insertion, deletion and offer a flexible assay design. It is the best choice for the specific research study.

SABER, single base extension chemistry

SABER reaction is a high sensitive technology that can detect as low as 0.1% frequency of mutation rate. In the first step, the specific primer will amplify a 100~150 bp fragment included the target SNP site. Then add a extension primer that target in the front of the SNP site and perform a single base extension reaction. In the single base extension, only the mutant base is tagged with biotin so that in the following purification step, we can only detect the signal of mutant allele. We can design a multiplex reaction for your study, and the high sensitivity technology can detect the low quantity DNA samples such as plasma circulating DNA.

Well-designed hotspot panel

We offer several well-designed hotspot panel including lung cancer associated kits such as OncoFocus Panel, LungFusion ALK RET ROS1 gene translocation panel, UltraSEEK Panel, and EGFR SABER Panel. We also provide the colorectal cancer related All RAS Panel, Melanoma related BRAF Panel, and other cancer mutation hotspot panel such as OncoCarta Panel, and so on.

Colorectal Cancer mutation analysis, All RAS Panel

All RAS Panel updated the newest analysis hotspots of targeted therapy. Analyze over 60 mutation hotspots with limited hands-on-time in a single experiment.

Melanoma related BRAF Panel

BRAF Panel included melanoma related BRAF V600E、V600K mutation spots.

OncoCarta Panel

A cancer related somatic mutation kit designed by Agena. It contains 238 mutation hotspots that located on the 19 oncogenes. Offer the best and the most efficient tool for high throughput screening in the cancer research.


  • MALDI-TOF technology offers the most sensitive detection limit
  • At least 10% analytical sensitivity
  • Cost-effective and high sample throughput
  • Low sample input

Somatic Mutation Analysis Service Workflow:

Prepare the samples and sample list as the following format.

  • The genomic DNA samples should be loaded in the 96 well plate
  • At least 8 samples are needed
  • The OD 260/280 ratio of genomic DNA samples should be around 1.7-2.0.
  • At least 10 ng/µl and total 500 ng of DNA (per sample) is needed.

Download Datasheet:

OncoFOCUS Panel Application Note
LungFUSION Panel
UltraSEEK Oncogene Panel
OncoCarta Panel