NGS service

We offer several sequencing service and provide high quality, low error rate and high throughput data through the Illumina NGS system.

NGS service principles

The experiment will begin with the fragmentation of the target sequence, and ligate with the sequencing index to set up the sequence library. Then use the NGS system to amplify the sequence library, and at the mean time perform the sequencing detection through the synthesis process. The process simultaneously identifies DNA bases while incorporating them into a nucleic acid chain. Each base emits a unique fluorescent signal as it is added to the growing strand, which is used to determine the order of the DNA sequence. NGS technology can be used in several genomic research such as targeting gene sequencing, RNA sequencing, and metagenomics, and so on.


  • High throughput sequencing data
  • Provide unknown sequence analysis
  • Provide CNV variant analysis
  • Flexible and efficient workflow for various applications
  • Customized experimental design and bioinformatics analysis

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