Hygiena (Dupont)

Hygiena Bax system Q7 fully automatic PCR food microbe detection system

The microbes of a big number of samples can be detected fast and accurately. Qualitative and quantitative data can be get simultaneously.

Q7 food pathogen detecting system is a fast and accurate method for detecting pathogens and other organisms in food and environmental samples. The system breaks down samples at the genetic level, using the power of the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) to detect bacteria and other microbes with certainty.

This system is used in food companies all over the world for the detection of Salmonella, Escherichia coli O157:H7, Listeria spp., Enterobacter sakazakii (Cronobacter), Vibrio cholerae / vulnificus / parahaemolyticus, Campylobacter jejuni / coli / lari and other pathogens. The sensitivity of Q7 system can be 104 CFU/mL, which is 100 times higher than other immunoassay. The high specificity of Q7 system can reduce the rate of false positive. 96 samples can be detected in 90 mins fast and accurately.

The cycler/detector allows you to load your prepared samples and walk away – interpreted positive/negative results are clearly displayed on-screen, raw data easily accessible.

RiboPrinter System : Automatic Nucleic Acid Fingerprint Identification System

RiboPrinter automated microbial gene fingerprinting system can quickly, accurately and clearly identify bacteria, and in the strain level for effective and repeatable identification comparison. The RiboPrinter system automatically provides genetic fingerprinting of any bacterial strain within 8 hours using powerful DNA-based database information. The RiboPrinter model identifies and discriminates between environmental isolates, pathogens, pests, controls Strains, beneficial organisms or any microorganisms important to the pharmaceutical, personal care and food safety industries.

RiboPrint Technology

RiboPrint uses the RFLP method to analyze the rRNA region of the bacterial gene. Depending on the gene sequences of various bacteria, different fragment sizes can be cut by restriction enzymes. Like fingerprinting results, RiboPrint can be used as a powerful tool for strain identification. RiboPrint contains the entire rRNA 5s, 23s, 16s three regions, to provide more and more specific analysis of information.

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RiboPrinter System