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Based on immunological as well as molecular biological technologies, R-biopharm offers you test methods for the analysis of mycotoxinshormonesantibioticsgenetically modified organisms (GMOs)risk materialfood allergens and microorganisms. R-biopharm continuously develop and produce rapid, user friendly and accurate test kits for the food and feed industry. Food testing laboratories in the industry as well as commercial testing laboratories and official control laboratories have recognized the value of using high quality test kits for quality control. Test formats range from easy to use, rapid tests like lateral flow test kits to microtiter plate ELISA’s, enzymatic bioanalysis, immunoaffinity columns and real-time PCR kits. We can offer automated solutions for many of our test kits formats.Food analysis test kits can make food testing more effective and efficient.

Constituent Detection

There are multiple components in food. R-biopharm provide over 180 constituent detection kits including carbohydrate, fatty acid, amino acid, vitamin et al.

Residues Detection

To detect harmful or toxic residues in foods. R-biopharm provide detection kits for phycotoxins, mycotoxins, hormones, antibiotics and adulteration.

GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) Detection

Since more and more GMO products are provided to customers. R-biopharm offers SureFoodR detection kit to select corns and beans by DNA extraction, amplification and detection.

Hazardous Substances and Species Identification of Animal Products

Provide a kit for detection of baculovirus-related protein prion, as well as high-risk substances such as cerebrospinal cord and other ingredients. For animal products, also provide a variety of species identification, such as beef, pork or lamb and other species identification.

Food Microbiological Testing

Food Allergen Testing

The food allergen test kit can be used to detect allergens in various possible ingredients in food, such as milk, peanuts, seafood, eggs, and so on.

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